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Guru Shenanigans and the $15,000 Guitar

Gurus say things all the time to get attention for their ads--that's nothing new. The danger is when you take their attention-getting devices too seriously. See why this latest guru's "grabber" is harmful for companies that take the advice. I think it's funny when I...

The New Year Kraken Unleashed

If you haven’t been to the gym yet this year, let me tell you: the New Year’s Kraken has been unleashed. When I hit the gym yesterday, it seemed like every machine was occupied, and out of 20 treadmills, there were 3 available. So I picked the closest one...

Human Insights Foiled By Puppets

I’ve been silent for a few weeks, but rest assured: I’ve been collecting humiliating (and hilarious) anecdotes for your pleasure and marketing edification.  But instead of jumping straight into the humiliating stories (we’ll start those next time), today’s...


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