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I’ve been silent for a few weeks, but rest assured: I’ve been collecting humiliating (and hilarious) anecdotes for your pleasure and marketing edification. 

But instead of jumping straight into the humiliating stories (we’ll start those next time), today’s message is about being outwitted by a puppet. 

You Think You Know Somebody, and Then…

It seems that no matter how much I study human behavior, persuasion, psychology, and just the people around me every day, people do things that catch me by surprise. 

My son, for example… 

This kid loves legos, trucks, dinosaurs—the usual stuff. 

Well, Tuesday was Christmas. 

We’ve got a big family, so he got plenty of the things he loves: legos, dinosaur models, toy trucks, but when he opened up this one weird looking package he let out a squeal of pure joy. 

What was this outrageous gift? 

Hand puppets. 

All the “cool” toys and games were immediately tossed aside and forgotten. 

Laughter, jumping up and down, and barely controllable joy shook his little body as he tore into those puppets, put them on his hands, and began a barely intelligible dialogue between the two puppet beasts. 

What do I know? 

But the story has an insight that entrepreneurs should pay attention to: 

You may feel like you know your clients, but it’s better not to make assumptions. 

Let their actions do the talking (and take notes!). 

You might be surprised at what your best clients REALLY want… 

Even more surprising may be how well you’re rewarded by giving them what they wanted but never articulated. 

Something to think about. 

Another thing to think about is how you’re communicating to your universe of clients and prospects. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in my high-value (and high-cost) done-for-you email services. 


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