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“Surround yourself with positive people. Ruthlessly avoid negative people who might suck your energy.” 

You’re probably familiar with some form of this advice, and I think it’s a terrible way to go. 

In fact, I’d almost say the opposite: surround yourself with naysayers and generally dejected folks. 

Not as friends or social companions, but as subjects of observation. 

I’ll tell you why in a second, but first let’s think about these negative nellies: 

  • They may have a sour outlook born from disappointment… 
  • Maybe they’ve been burned in the past… 
  • Perhaps their thorny demeanor is protection against future hurts… 
  • They may have given up on their dreams and are filled with regret… 

Whatever the reason, what you have are people filled with cynicism who are on the hunt to find objections. 

Doesn’t matter what they’re objecting to: an opportunity, a political cause, a business idea, or even a fun plan for a Friday night—they only see the bad and feel compelled to tell everybody about it. 

And this is a vein of solid gold. 

When these beautiful people offer unsolicited advice and rain on everybody’s parade, they’re articulating fears that their positive counterparts may secretly agree with, but who have too much tact (and positivity) to say so. 

Why Are These Cynical Curmudgeons Important?

Because one of the keys to effective marketing is understanding and addressing the fears that keep your best prospects from buying. 

The challenge is that many people don’t express those doubts and fears because they’re worried about how it would look–which makes these pessimistic naysayers so valuable. They’re not only willing to throw a wet blanket on your ideas, but they’re almost gleeful when they do it.

Pay attention to their complaints. 

Write them down. 

What Can You Do with Your Shiny New List of Doomsayings?

This is the best part…

Not only do the doom-and-gloom complainers give you a glimpse into the secret fears that keep people from buying from you, but now you can flip these obstacles around and address them in your messaging. 

Then flip them around and address them in your messaging. 

Shoot, you might even turn their complaints into features that you not only include in your marketing—but you highlight. 

There’s so much good to be had with whiners, complainers, and naysayers that I can barely stand it… 

  • You can use their complaints to push them away so you don’t have to deal with them as clients… 
  • You can address their objections in your marketing copy to allay the fears of fabulous prospects… 
  • You can make their complaints a point of emphasis—even a benefit—of your product or service… 

The point is, don’t ignore the folks who sit on the sidelines wailing and gnashing their teeth—they’re giving you a gift. 

Speaking of gifts… 

I can’t think of a better gift for your business than boosting your sales from the universe of prospects and traffic you’re already getting.  

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in seeing how done-for-you email marketing (or landing page copy) can make 2019 a banner year. 


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