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Discover why sending more email during Thanksgiving week–not less–is a better way to serve your customers (and your business too.)

Sending more email during Thanksgiving week is a smart choice. Enable images to view.

Sending MORE email during Thanksgiving week is an idea that hasn’t been well-received by a number of people I’ve been talking with lately. And on the surface, it’s easy to see why they think that way.

Their worry is that they’ll turn off their customers, cheapening their brands and making them look like opportunists scurrying for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday money-grab.

I get it.

With email inboxes growing exponentially as we get closer to the holidays, it can seem like the high-road would be to send fewer messages.

The problem with that thinking?

It’s wrong.

Wrong for your business, and more important–it’s wrong for your customers. More on that in a minute.

First, let’s look at what actually happens during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

The Retail Kraken, Unleashed

According to research firm Deloitte, there are some interesting developments that retailers–brick-and-mortar AND eCommerce–should pay attention to:

  • 59% of holiday spending will take place online
  • The top 20% of spenders will make up over 60% of this year’s holiday spending total
  • 81% of holiday shoppers will make buying decisions influenced by promotions

An unrelated study found that 60% of people trust the information they get from their email subscriptions more than they trust the news.

What does all that mean?

First, online can’t be ignored.

With 59% of all holiday spending taking place online, if you’re not selling using online channels, you’re walking away from almost 60% of the pie.

Second, 81% of holiday shoppers will be influenced by promotions to buyand the most trusted source of information is from email newsletters.

What this means for you is what direct response marketers have touted forever: the money’s in the list.

And if you’re not using email to get your sales message across, you’re leaving a gap that your competitors can exploit via email–the medium your customers trust the most.

“So, Why Is Staying Away From Email Bad For My Customers?”

It comes down to belief.

Do you believe your customers are better served with your products than they are with your competitors?

If you answered yes, then as the great Jay Abraham likes to say:

If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible.

Jay Abraham

And since your customers are online, and trust email more than other mediums, you do your customers a disservice by not informing them of your special, Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers.

Rant over.

Sending More Email to Boost Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Profits

The good news is that you’re in a good situation with your subscribers (assuming you have a list–if you don’t, then that needs to be priority uno).

They trust you.

According to Deloitte, your customers–even your older ones–are online. Not only that, the biggest share of holiday spending is taking place online as well.

Which means that for you to maximize your Black Friday/Cyber Monday revenue, you need to communicate to your customers online–even if you’re a traditional, brick-and-mortar retailer.

And since this is the biggest spending week of the holiday season, you need to deploy some email pronto.

The Field Is Crowded, So You Need to Email–And Do It Often

If you’ve opened your inbox lately, you know one thing: everybody’s marketing right now, which makes for a noisy marketplace.

From what I’ve seen with our private client work, there are three ways to cut through that noise and get your message heard:

  1. Email often. Send messages at least daily. But be smart about it (read this article to see how to send a flurry of emails without getting a bunch of Spam complaints).
  2. Be interesting. Nobody likes boring content, especially when it’s competing against a full inbox of messages. Be entertaining, show your personality–this will help you stand out from your competitors.
  3. Be generous. Let’s face it–people want great deals. The Deloitte study bore that out, stating that the majority of holiday shoppers make their buying decisions based on deals.

“What If I Don’t Have A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Email Campaign In Place?”

Friend, I’ve got you covered.

If 4th Quarter has you running ragged just to keep up, you may not have had a chance to craft a winning email campaign.

I totally get it, which is why me and my partner Juliana created you a resource we call the…

ECom “Chaos Killer” Black Friday/Cyber Monday Email Guide

This resource includes all the major points to help you create a winning Black Friday/Cyber Monday email campaign:

  • Email topics
  • “Send” schedule
  • Who to include
  • Who to exclude
  • And explanations, tips, and tricks to make the campaign even more effective

Just click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can grab your copy.

Want To Maximize Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales?

Want To Maximize Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales?


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