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Insanely Successful Real Estate Agents Aren’t Always What they Seem

I heard a radio ad today for a local real estate agent that went something like this…

“The average real estate agent sells just 6 homes a year, while Mr. Big Shot averages 1.5 homes sold a day! Who do you want selling your home?”

My immediate thought was, “Wow! This guy’s a machine! That’s amazing!”

Then I started thinking about my real estate agent when we bought our home.

She spent hours with us showing houses, making calls, taking us out to lunch to talk through our options, making the offer–and that’s only what I saw when she was around.


That Radio Spot Pushed My “Cynical Disbelief” Button

My initial impression was, “There’s no way this guy is selling 1.5 homes a day.”

Me being me, I went to his website to check it out, and I learned something incredible.

This guy has a team of 46 people.


Let that soak in.

Mr. Big Shot isn’t selling 1.5 homes a day… his employees are.

This got me wondering…

How Can Solo Real Estate Agents Compete With That?

Even if you’re a total hustler, you’re going to have a difficult time getting quality leads when your competition has dozens of people beating the bushes for the best opportunities.
And finding clients is only one of the things you do…

  • Showing homes
  • Researching homes for clients
  • Open houses
  • Negotiating offers
  • Walk-throughs
  • And everything else…

With all of that, how are you going to find time to attract new prospects while taking care of your current clients?

If you handle the marketing hustle and the real estate duties yourself, that’ll be tough.

There is a way for you to simulate the client-seeking efforts of a big team, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Real Estate Agents Have Two Limited Resources

The growth or reduction of these resources will expand or destroy an agent’s chances of success. These resources are…

  1. Time
  2. Money

Time: the Only Non-Renewable Resource

When you’re showing homes, researching your market, negotiating offers, meeting with clients, and everything else that eats up your day, there just isn’t enough time to go around.

If you’re anything like most sales pros who walk with integrity, you put your clients first and your own business second… which can add up to an inconsistent sales pipeline.

Money Flows from a Good Pipeline

And what does an inconsistent pipeline add up to?

Inconsistent commissions.

Which makes money your second limited resource.

The Catch-22 of Limited Resources

If you think about it, you’re caught in a catch-22…

You need to spend more time building your business, pipeline, and cash-flow, but you can’t spend time building your business because you’re closing deals and taking care of your current clients.

What Happens if You Can’t Get Traction?

With an estimated “wash-out rate” of 87% in the first 5 years, being a real estate agent is tough. The trick is to get into the successful 13% of agents who are getting most of the deals in every market.

What happens if you aren’t able to grow your business, increasing your resources of time and money in the process?

Well, you could be among the 87% of real estate agents who wash out.

That’s bad, but there’s a worse fate…

You could remain stuck in that lukewarm, sad middle ground, where you’re making too much money to quit, but not enough money to really flourish.

It’s not a terrible existence, but it’s a far cry from reaching your potential.

Thankfully you have options, and technology is making your ability to reach a much larger audience exponentially easier and more affordable. (And no, I’m not selling anything in this article, so read on with impunity… )

There Is a Way to Grow Your Pipeline Like a Top Agent with a Team

This isn’t one of those too-good-to-be-true claims, and it’s also not a hands-free, work-free late night TV lead gen system. This is something that requires actual effort and work.

But you’re a real estate agent, so I know hard work doesn’t frighten you.

I’ve been blessed to help clients create automated marketing systems that enable them to establish authority in their markets, however small, and stay top-of-mind to their audience when they’re ready to buy.

From a high level it’s simple, but it requires effort.

I can tell you though that once you’ve done the work to get this marketing machine in place, you’ll only need to maintain a regular stream of content to keep it humming, with minor tweaks to your social media campaigns.

Think of this as an automated prospecting system.

What Is an Automated Real Estate Prospecting System?

When you first meet someone, how often do they tell you, “I want to buy a house right now. Be my agent.”?

Probably never.

One of the maddening truths about sales of any kind is that every prospect buys on their own schedule. The trick is to be top-of-mind when the prospect makes up her mind to buy.

The good thing is that with an automated marketing system, this is easier than you think–as long as you can provide value. (You can, can’t you?)

From a high-level, it looks like this…

sales funnels are your best online sales team

  1. Send traffic to your helpful content
  2. Collect contact info in exchange for something of value
  3. Send your audience helpful tips and content to establish your authority and stay top of mind
  4. Provide an easy, clear offer that your audience can respond to when they’re ready to buy or sell

To internet marketers, this automated real estate marketing system is known as a funnel, so that’s what I’ll call it here.

But the best part is, you don’t even need a website to get this done, although you’ll need a few tools.

Think of the Possibilities…

If you build a real estate funnel offering information that you know will resonate with your ideal prospect–friend, you’ve got options.

In-Person to Online

Picture this…

You print the web address of the funnel on your business cards, and tell people about the offer naturally as it comes up in conversation.

If the prospect isn’t ready for an agent right now, but they’re interested enough in your info to check out the offer, they’ll likely give you their contact info in exchange for your free offer.

Once you’ve got that, your automated content system will send regular emails (or texts, or newsletters, etc.) with valuable information so you can build trust and stay top-of-mind.

When the prospect is ready to buy, your odds of being the first person they think about are excellent… which means your qualified leads will increase.

Online to Online

This model is infinitely scalable, so you’re not limited to handing out business cards and hoping they opt-in to your funnel.

You can create social media ads, Google ads, advertise on websites, postcards, anywhere, and send them to your funnel.

If they’re interested enough in your offer, they’ll give you their contact info.

If you give them tremendous value through your regular communication, then your pipeline of qualified leads just grew… without you spending your precious resources–time and money.

You Don’t Even Need a Website… or Know How to Build One

Here’s an example of what a super-basic real estate funnel looks like.

real estate funnel

Step 1 of your real estate funnel: offer your prospect something of value in exchange for their contact info.

real estate funnel step 2

Step 2 of your real estate funnel is the download page. This is where your prospect gets access to the super-cool thingie you made to capture their info.

Once you have something of value to exchange for the contact info of your prospect, you’re ready to start building authority, name recognition, and the list of people who want to work with you once it’s time to buy or sell a home.

I hope you can see that you don’t need to hire a massive team to beat the bushes for the best prospects in your market. With the right systems in place, you can build your audience, build trust, and build your pipeline by being the first real estate agent people think of when they’re ready to buy or sell.

Get Your Free Funnel Here

If you’re interested in getting a free copy of that funnel, click here now. Enter your name and email address, and I’ll send you an email with a link that will allow you to get the same funnel you see above.

I’ll also send you emails over the next few days that describe how to optimize the funnel for yourself, and how to customize it to maximize its effectiveness.


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