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What does a WWE wrestler, an 8-figure millionaire, and a podcaster with tens of thousands of subscribers have in common?

Two things.

First, they were all at Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy event last weekend just south of Nashville.

Second, well you’re gonna have to wait (don’t worry, I’ll share it in a sec).

Sharpen Your Axe

your best marketing is being yourself

There’s an old saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln (incorrectly, it would appear) that says:

If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.

Regardless of its origins, the message rings true: hone your skills, keep your tools sharp, and put in the pre-work so you can do your best work.

I spent the weekend at a conference for copywriters–anything to get an edge on stringing together words that sell–and it became clear that most companies have something incredibly powerful in common that they never use, but first I want to mention the power of being around colleagues.

I’m Ashamed to Admit It…

I don’t like conferences.

It always seems like everyone’s having conversations, with each participant hoping the other person becomes a client.

This time was different, and I was reminded of the power of being in proximity with really successful, like-minded people who are trying to improve their craft, while also making a point to help their fellow conference-goers.

And it was this openness, this willingness to share that brought about the biggest aha! moments, and revealed this untapped power for most businesses.

Your Superpower

The Copywriting Academy event was attended by all kinds of businesses, not just copywriters.

In fact, it seemed like I was the exception to the rule as one of the few copywriters at the event.

Throughout the three day conference, open mics were set up so people could ask Ray Edwards and his coaches questions–each accomplished copywriters.

“But My Business Is Different”


Seriously, stop saying it.

It’s almost a cliche that at any marketing Q&A session, every third person will start their question the same way…

My business is unique, and I don’t know how to create compelling copy, or funnels, or lead gen, or… can you help?

First, my rant.

Your business isn’t different.

You may sell weird stuff…

Your core client might be the poster-boy for Craigslist Creepy…

But your business still has to produce a product, deliver a service, and convince people that your stuff is so cool they’d be foolish not to buy.

Just like everyone else.

Okay, all done.

Second, your real difference is you. Which leads me to the second thing the most successful people at the Copywriting Academy had in common.

Take Down That Wall

Earlier I promised that I’d share two things the most successful people at the event had in common, well here’s the second piece.

The biggest impact we can have in our copy (and marketing in general) is when we use our personal story… you know, that thing that really makes us different.

The most impactful people at this event weren’t the speakers (although they were good). They were the wildly successful attendees who stood up and shared their struggles, hoping their stories would help us out in some way.

Take the guy who lost $50MM in net worth when the economy tanked in 2008, lost his marriage, and had to walk a jagged, humble path to rebuild his life… which is going stronger now than ever before.

Would you listen to a man who has built millions, lost everything, and built it all over again and now wants to coach you on growing your business?


What if he wanted to talk you through how to persevere through life’s valleys and come out of it stronger and more effective than ever… Would you listen?


Now imagine this same man said, “Hey, I know we’ve never met, but me tell you about toughing it out when life gets hard.”

You might still listen, but you’d probably do it while checking your phone.

Your Flaws Help People Connect With You

Sometimes we get lost talking about our company, services, or products, when people would rather know more about you and whether connect with your journey.

Make yourself a little vulnerable.

Tell your story and why it’s your mission to help them. You’ll be more interesting and approachable… and that’s always a winning combo.

Let Us Know If You Need Help

If you need help letting your personality shine through your copy, or if you’re looking for funnels, help with digital programs, or a LinkedIn lead system, give us a shout. Click here to let us know how we can help you.


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