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One of the things I love about copywriting is how the principles of good sales copy can be applied to regular life.

While writing a sales letter earlier this week, it struck me that many of the elements of a good sales letter can be pulled out and made into a “success roadmap”.

What am I talking about?

Well, I’ll get to that in a second.


What Do Epic Stories Have To Do With Success… Or Sales Copy?

Let me ask you about Star Wars… either The Force Awakens, or the original 3 from the 70s and 80s…

What was so compelling about them?

What makes these movies seem larger-than-life, but at the same time speak to each of us on a primal, very human level?

Let me go on while you think about that…

This Goes Back To Pre-History… Before Written Language

What I’m talking about goes back thousands of years–before society even wrote stories down–back to mankind’s oral storytelling tradition.

It’s true for Homer’s Iliad, The Odyssey, it’s true for the epic Saxon poem Beowulf, and the Arthurian legends…

What I’m talking about is the structure of the story…

What I’m referring to is the Hero’s Journey.

I’m writing an in-depth article about the Hero’s Journey and how it applies to marketing and copywriting, but for now I lifted the basic outline of it, and put it into an infographic.

This infographic is focused on the journey to success, which parallels the hero’s journey in epic poems from thousands of years ago all the way to tales from a galaxy far far away that harken to the Dark Ages of the seventies.

Check it out, and see where you’re at in your own hero quest.

Oh, and also…

You’ll notice that it never ends. 🙂

Ellis Pond Copywriting Road To Success

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