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Success in business takes a willingness to get outside your comfort zone.

Check out this video where I talk about a beach comber in Florida with a lesson for us entrepreneurs…

A buddy of mine sent a picture of a guy on the beach in Florida. They were there just laying on the beach looking around and there’s this dude walking in the surf with long sleeves, a weird hat, and a bandana around the face. It looked like he was up to no good, right? He was also carrying a metal detector.

My friend was laughing for a while because the guy looked kinda crazy, but then they noticed about every 10 minutes the guy would pull the metal detector up, reach down into the surf and pull out something shiny and stick it in his bag.

It made me wonder, what’s the guy finding?

Gold rings?

Diamond necklaces?

Diamond earrings?

Pirate booty?

Imagine if every 10 minutes he pulled out some kind of gold and then walked up to a cash for gold shop, got paid, and then just wandered on…

Anyway, the guy is kind of kind of an oddball obviously, and doing what most people wouldn’t do on the beach, which is look a little bit ridiculous.

There he is among all these people who are in their bikinis (and speedos for the guys) and just generally having fun at the beach, and he’s walking through the crowd waving his metal wand and picking up gold, jewels and pirate booty.

That’s a lot like what an entrepreneur goes through when they’re striking out on their own journey if they want to be successful…

Going against the grain…

Doing what everybody else isn’t doing in a particular area…

Not worrying about what other people think about them…

Ignoring the haters and the naysayers…

So just wanted to share that story.

Stay weird people–there’s treasure out there.


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