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I don’t walk around my town that often, but when I do I always find things that crack me up.

Like this sign, for instance. When I saw it I did a double-take, and told my daughter that I have superpowers: I can see an invisible fence.

And because “pic or it didn’t happen”, here’s proof…


I know, I know… you can see it too.

But it’s a hilariously placed message that I had to share.

Speaking of messaging, the same kind of confusion happens with many businesses, doesn’t it?

Black Friday just wrapped up and today’s Cyber-Monday—have you seen any messaging that’s losing a company some revenue?

In the online space, maybe you see some of the following:

  1. The Puzzle. Click Here to Get Our Best Deals!!! Reality: The link just takes you to the company’s home page, where it’s up to you to figure out what those “best deals” are.

  1. Confusion. You head over to a website and you’re either blitzed by 100 things to look at, or the site is confusing and you have no idea what they do. You leave rather than untangle their web of confusion.

  1. The Leg Humper. You see an ad that’s mildly interesting, but you’re turned off by the site or landing page. Everything seems like click-bait, and you’re afraid they’re going to spam you with sales messages if you hand over your info.

Each of those three problems is an issue with messaging, and I’d bet in each case the messaging basically poured ice water on what could have been hot buyers.

What Do YOU Suggest They Do, Brian?

I’m glad you asked, friend.

One of the best ways I’ve seen to get traction and grow revenue quickly is by contacting past clients and rekindling the relationship. This can get your company revenue fast, and has some obvious perks:

  1. They know what you do. No need to start from scratch introducing yourself, explaining how you can help them and what you sell. They’ve bought from you before so they already know this stuff.
  2. They know the value of what you sell. If you sell something that’s truly helpful, they’re already enjoying the fruits of the first thing they bought from you. They know your value.
  3. They’ll take your call. Hate cold calling? Good! Then call on people who already know and like you—if you did right by them in the past, they’ll talk to you again.

Of course, if you haven’t kept in touch with them and call out of the blue trying to push an offer on them, that may blow up on you.

You definitely don’t want to burn that bridge.

How To Rekindle the Fires of Clients Past

This Thursday I’m holding a FREE online training that walks you through the right and wrong way to get back in touch with old clients and get you sales 5X cheaper than your competitors.

Plus, if you stay until the end I’ll give you a FREE checklist to help you take action—you could even put this in play the same day.

So click here to sign up for the FREE training, and I’ll see you in a few days!


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