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For the second time in a week I decided to work from a coffee shop for a change of scenery.

Our office is pretty quiet. And I don’t know what it is about the constant noise of cafés and coffee shops, but the racket helps me focus.

That is, until they showed up.

At first it was just one nice old lady.

“Hi hon, do you mind if we use this table right next to you?”

“No, you’re good.”

“Thank you sweetie.”

She moves the table away from mine and sits down next to me.

Then the next one shows up…

“Hi darlin’, do you mind if we take this chair?”

“Uh, no. Go ahead.”

More scraping and dragging as these two old ladies create their little coffee cluster.

Then the next old lady comes up…

“Hi, can I have these chairs?”

Now I’m down to one… the chair I’m in.

All of a sudden the café noise is gone, and I’m surrounded by matriarchal gossip about eyelid blisters, safaris for 75-year birthdays, and husbands who ask questions but only half-listen to the answers (and won’t even consider hearing aids).


Something about squirrels running away from “itty-bitty bunnies” is when I take matters into my own hands.

If work is going to continue, I need more cafe noise than I was getting before.

Anything to drown out the small-town Tennessee old-lady gossip.

I open up a window, fire up Focus@Will, and tune it to the Café Creative setting, which is a mix of café noise so fierce, no amount of septuagenarian griping will break through.

The café noise grows, and the old-lady talk fades—back to work.

Your Best Clients Are Your Current Clients

How’s that for doubling down on what I want?

I was already in a coffee shop full of random coffee shop noises, and I paid for an app to pump my headphones with MORE of the noise I was already getting for free.

On days like today when the “organic” coffee shop sounds just don’t cut it, I can fire up an app to pump more coffee shop noise into my head.

I paid to get more of what I was already getting.

Your best prospects aren’t any different.

In fact, your best prospects probably aren’t prospects—they’re already clients.

And if they’re not YOUR clients, they’ve already shown an interest in what you sell because they’ve bought it before.

The easiest people to sell to are those who’ve already shelled out for what you’re selling.

[bctt tweet=”Your best clients are people who’ve already bought what you’re selling.” username=”theellispond”]

They already agree with your sales pitch.

And they’re likely to want more of the same product today or down the road.

Now it’s just a matter of replacing, upgrading, adding to, or buying more frequently.

As a side note: If something like my coffee shop noise machine sounds like something you want, here’s a link to the app I use. And just to keep you honest, it’s an affiliate link which helps me support your habit.


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