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Whether you’re crafting an ad campaign, sales letter, or landing page, if you start writing before answering these questions, you’re guaranteed to leave money on the table.

If you look at most of the ads, websites, and marketing campaigns your competitors flop into the ether, I’d bet a sack full of hammers that their message gets lost in the mountain of stimuli their best prospects see every day.

The reason for all this ineffective messaging is simple… sad… and is the cause of more wasted marketing dollars than just about anything I can think of…

What’s the reason?

People aren’t asking the right questions before crafting their messages and campaigns.

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It’s an easy thing to miss…

In fact, I’m ashamed to admit that earlier this week I dove headlong into mapping out a marketing campaign before asking these questions.

After about 30 minutes I realized the error of my ways, tore out the notebook pages that contained my unguided thoughts, and got busy answering 19 critical questions every sales message that sells must answer.

Some of these questions are very basic–which is why earlier I said it’s sad that more business owners don’t ask themselves these questions before spending good money on their marketing—but I digress…

Here’s seven of the questions…

  1. Who are the biggest players in your market?
  2. What is their sales message? Sales argument?
  3. Where are they advertising?
  4. What is the prevailing wisdom about your product?
  5. How can you be provocative?
  6. What are the consequences to your prospect if they go with your competitor’s product and it fails? Do they lose money? Prestige? Something worse?
  7. What offer, bonuses, and guarantee can you create that would make your product or service a slam dunk?

There’s a method to the madness, but armed with the information the answers to those questions provide, you’ll be ahead of 9 out of 10 of your competitors.

Discover Questions None of Your Competitors Are Asking

It’s not that your competitors can’t ask these questions, but in most cases they won’t.

Call it ignorance…

Call it laziness…

Either way, the opportunity is yours…

Creating sales copy after answering these questions is like snatching the lone bullhorn in a farmer’s market…

… there might be other folks making noise, but you can be sure your message grabs the lion’s share of the attention.

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