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Say No to Random Acts of Marketing

Chaos Killer Workshop

Taking action isn’t the same as making progress–add confusion to the mix, and you’ve got marketing chaos. Click the link below to see if our Chaos Killer Workshop is right for you.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes you just need an outside expert to be your sounding board. If accountability and strategic guidance sound like what you need, then click below to find out more about how I can help.

Helping You Scale Revenue

Get Every Sale You Can Our Of Your Current Marketing. BE A CHAOS KILLER

If you believe in investing in yourself, figuring out the best next step for your business, and coming up with a laser-targeted plan of action to  get you the leads and sales you need to grow, then I invite you to click below and answer a few questions to see if the Chaos Killer Workshop is right for you.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but you have to approach it the right way--and for some businesses, it makes sense to ignore social (gasp!)

Keeping up with flashy new marketing techniques could be a waste of time for you depending on your goals

Results-based marketing is more important than keeping up with the pack (they may be lemmings running toward a cliff)

Understand your company's goals, and then use the right marketing strategy and technique to get you there--elementary, but so few people do it

Company Identity

You need to understand what’s important to you and your company, and how you’re different from everyone else selling the same thing. This dialogue drives your company’s goals and direction.

Customer Identity

You must know your customer if you want to be the obvious best choice in the market, and this requires a deep understanding of why they need what you’re selling.

Market Attention

Given what we know about your customer, what’s the big idea that will command their attention? Get this right, and your message will rise above the noisy market regardless how loudly your competitors shout.

Action Plan

The big payoff. Now we have what we need to identify the actions that will have cause the biggest growth shifts in your company.

Who is the Chaos Killer Workshop For?

The Chaos Killer Workshop has been used by professionals, B2B businesses, B2C retail companies, online, and brick-and-mortar companies. If your business generates $500,000 of revenue per year or more, you feel like you’re trying “all the marketing things” without making progress, and you’re not afraid to invest in yourself, then you might be a fit.

Lawyers, insurance professionals, retailers, eCommerce companies, software developers...

If you feel like your marketing “plan” involves doing lots of things, then you’re probably feeling the chaos. This workshop has benefited both B2B and B2C companies, and it’s possible it could work for you.

What's the format?
This is a Socratic method format. Expect lots of direct questions. Sounds simple, but in practice it’s exhausting. By the end of the session you’ll be tired–but when the answers are revealed and you’ve got a plan of action, you’ll feel exhilarated.
Who can come?

I recommend you bring everyone on your team that you can spare (no more than 10 people though). You want staff from the “front lines”, because we need real-world answers to these challenging questions.

What's the investment?

The investment is a day of your time, plus a substantial fee. This is only for businesses that are serious about making progress, and it’s priced accordingly.

For Most Businesses, Chaos Reigns. Don’t Wait Any Longer!

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